Rota – The Attempt of a Photo Excursion

Please, visit the album and switch into single picture mode with Geo-information on. Note that the pictures were taken in documentary intention and less in photo-artistic intention.

Follow the how-to below, in case you do not know how to switch on the Geo-information.

A picture show has also been created. Click on the picture to start the play back. Note that the picture show does not feature all pictures.


  1. Click on the link to open the shared photo album in a separate tab of your browser2016-06-20_2000
  2. Select the first photo by clicking on it. 2016-06-20_2001
  3. Select the little “i” symbol to access the picture information. 2016-06-20_2002
  4. Geo-Informaton along with other information becomes available. You can enlarge the map section by clicking on it.2016-06-20_2003
  5. This will open Google Maps in an additional tab with a more detailed view and the ability to zoom in and to zoom out.2016-06-20_2004
  6. To navigate from one picture to the next, use the arrow icons.2016-06-20_2005

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