Trying to be good tour guides – sparing our „guests“ the trouble of having to find a decent place to have dinner – we had of course done some reconnaissance and had found a place with a significant amount of good reviews by Spaniards: Alcaravea.

We would usually refrain from going to places literally at the door step of a major city tourist attraction – in this case: the Cathedral, but the Alcaravea was not the tourist trap one would expect.

During the day, ee could tell that the season hadn’t started yet. The city was relatively empty and devoid of masses of tourists.

We were the only guests, well – there was a Spanish Gentlemen having a quiet dinner – which usually makes me feel uncomfortable but in this case all my worries were unnecessary.

The service as well as the food were enjoyable, tasty and of good quality. Spanish cuisine with a touch of Japanese.


We spent a wonderful quiet evening, looking back at the day and planning the next – with good food. What else do you need?

Back at the hotel we sacrified one bottle of the red wine we had purchased that day to the Gods of Good Travel and went to bed.