We were scheduled to meet our friend, Luis at a quarter to nine in the evening to have some drinks before dinner.

He had asked us to meet him at Bodega La Ardosa in Calle de Colón 13 supposedly one of the best Tapas Bars in Madrid.


To cut a long story short – I do not care how famous and how popular this place is. I did not like it. It was overcrowded and the noise in there was at a painful level; almost impossible to have a conversation without having to yell at each other – literally.

In less popular bars they serve some aceitunas or other Tapas (even though they sell them), en La Ardosa you get the plain drink and nothing with it. (Maybe I am just a cheap German)

Manfred had a vermut de griffo, M. and Luis beer – B. and I decided on wine, poor choice. My white wine was vinegar and B.’s red was luke warm.

My ears were still ringing when we finally left the place, hopefully Bosco de Lobos, the restaurant Luis had booked a table would offer consolation. Luis had never been here before but had followed recommendations of some of his colleagues. According to reviews the Bosco is “Madrid’s most instagrammable location with gorgeous decor…” and apparently a chain of francises in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico City.

The decor was instagrammable all right… but as a restaurant owner I think you have to make a choice: Do you want to look pretty or do you want to stun your guests with a gastronomical concept and the food that goes with it? While we appreciated the decor – looking at the menue we were at loss as to find the concept. The menue looked like a hodgepodge of traditional Italian cooking (Pizza and Foccachia) and experimental cooking “Risotto con Plancton” and American casual dining (Hamburger)…

The starters were great, the main courses with the exception of Manfred’s hake mediocre at best.

The service staff was cute, young and trendy with a hint of professional. Our waiter reminded us of young Freddy Mercury – only that this had no positive effect on the food.

We ordered:


  • Foccachia – real great, tasty and crisp
  • Fried pieces of artichoke – delicious
  • Zucchini rolls with cream cheese – nice but not spectacular

Main courses:

  • Risotto de plancton – Cooked all right but not really tasty. There was neither a WOW nor a Yum.
  • Burger with Pesto, dried tomatos, sweet mustard and french fries – The meat was tasty and cooked well. The burger roll was so dry that it crumbled apart when you tried to cut it.
  • Pizza (1 Capriciosa and 1 with mushrooms) – both Pizzas were floppy
  • Merluza (hake) with green asparagus and sugar pees – according to Manfred quite enjoyable


  • 1 bottle of Red wine from the Bierzo region – absolutely great
  • 1 glas of Rosé from Navarra – wonderful wine


We passed on the deserts

Overall rating:

  • Food – 2 of 5 stars
  • Beverages – 4 of 5 stars
  • Location –  4 of 5 stars
  • Service – 3 of 5 stars


EUR 145