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Is it already Thursday? – I had really forgot which day we were. I guess that is what happens when you get your mind off the mundane things and you do stuff you enjoy – like travel for instance.

We all had a good night sleep – the Parador is so secluded that there was no sound at night – not even the cars on the nearby highway could be heard.

Now, first things first – the most important meal (at least for me): breakfast. Despite all the hassle my mother had with me – she never had to force me to eat my breakfast. You could say I am a breakfast-person. My way to start the day is to sit down over some nice German bread with different kind of saussages, or some Muesli, or fried eggs… and a nice cup of coffee of course, listening to the first news on the radio, sharing with Manfred what my day will look like.

We are lucky that M. and B. share this passion for the first meal of the day.

As I had written earlier, we seldom eat dinner at the Paradores, however they are great places for breakfast. They offer a variety of local produce but also “standard” ingredients like different kinds of bread, various spreads for it, healthy stuff such as cereals, different milk, yoghurt and different juices. And of course you can get your favorite version of breakfast eggs: fried, over easy, scrambled, boiled. Heaven.

After the pleasure, the duty of packing began – Manfred and I have a quite effective routine, i. g. he has the routine and my part in it is to keep out of the way and my mouth shut. Well, I do carry suit cases just to avoid wrong impressions.

Next stop: “Cáceres” in Extremadura. The “Old Town” – the “casco historico” is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To spice things up Manfred and I had plotted a new course – using the highway only to a minimum degree and set on a more scenic route to pay the “Parque de Monfragüe” a visit. M. and B. are nature lovers – we were sure they would love to see the biosphere to protect and to preserve the populations of eagles and vultures.

So, instead of 1:30 the trip took 3 very enjoyable hours full of new impressions for M. and B.


Courtesy: M&B


Courtesy: M&B

Unfortunately my smart phone cam is not suited for taking pictures of airborne eagles/vultures, trying to employ the digital zoom is a futile exercise.

M. and B. were kind enough to contribute some of their quite impressive pictures.

Here are some snapshots of the landscape taken by me: