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Remarks: Catering for a clientel that views smart devices as travel aids seems to be somewhat of a challenge for the administration of the Paradores. While the situation had improved over the past years, they seem to be stuck in a “pre-broadband” stage.

Working in IT – having done infrastructure / Cloud consulting at enterprise customers I appreciate that it is no trivial endeavour to provide good connectivity in hotel rooms or other areas of a building – especially the building being a medieval castle with thick stone walls. However, the technology is there, it can be done.

  1. get good signal into the guest rooms
  2. connect the site to a broadband Internet access.

Oropesa may be a small town in the middle of the plains of Castilla y León, but it does have LTE reception everywhere.

More and more hotels work with professional providers – subject matter experts taking the burden off the hotels. It is about high time the “Paradores de Turismo” arrive in the modern times – preserving their historic image at the same time.

Looking at the viral marketing value of a guest,

  • who is enabled to use his smart device to post comments,
  • write good reviews right there,
  • stay in touch with the loved ones at home,
  • upload his pictures to share with others, while the good impressions are fresh
  • plan the next stage of the journey
  • etc. etc.

are priceless and justify in my humble opinion the investment. Besides there is always the option to offer a basic free-of-charge service and a paid premium service – this concept should be familiar in the hotel industry.