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We had booked a table for five (Luis, our friend of many years had promised to join us for dinner) at “Restaurante El Cocinillas” in Malasañas. However as tradition dictates we had to take drinks before having food – interesting custom, in Germany I eat food first and drink then, in Spain this seems to be the other way round.

I am kidding – of course there are always Tapas with the drinks.

We had arranged for Luis to meet the four of us at “Stop Madrid” in Calle Hortaleza at 8:00pm – a place where they serve “Vermut de Grifo” – in other words, a Vermuth from the tap.

I am not particularly fond of the stuff, but Manfred likes it and why not introduce our friends to it. Luis – who shows up late-ish – passes on the Vermut and goes for a caña. We leave “Stop Madrid” at 8:50pm to have dinner at “Restaurante El Cocinillas” at 9:00pm.

Quite early dinner time for Madrid – but since we had arrived late on Monday we thought we should not drag out the day too long.

El Cocinillas offers its interpretation of “nouvelle cuisine” – the interior is bright and friendly and so is the Maitre.

(Please, note: this article’s header picture is taken from their web site!)

We ordered a bottle of Cava Rosado as aperitif, three starters to share :

  • Timbal de aguacate con chipirones al ajillo
  • Berenjena asada con mozarella ahumad al gratén
  • Salmorejo “cordobés” con helado de parmesano, y crujiente ibérico

As main dishes we ordered:

  • Bacalao confitado sobre guiso de manitas deshuesadas (2x)
  • Polpette (albóndigas caseras) con caponata siciliana
  • Canelón de rabo de toro en su jugo y sal de pecorino
  • Cuscús con suprema de mero y vegetales fondeados

I did indulge in a “postre” – the maître was cute… What shall I tell you, sex sells…

  • Gelée de ron con sorbet de limon
  • the others had espressi

We ordered wine by the glass as I insisted of having a white wine while the others wanted red.

  • Food – 4 of 5 stars
  • Beverages – 4 of 5 stars
  • Location –  5 of 5 stars
  • Service – 4.5 of 5 stars (I do not want to appear too partial)

Check for the night: EUR 153

It was 11:00pm when we left the place when Luis insisted to have a last “copa” in one of the nearby bars, which we did.

All in a very good mood due to a nice day, good food and drink and good company we then strolled through “Malasañas” towards “Sol” to say Good Bye to Luis and to return to our ‘Room Mate’ Laura.

It was long past midnight when we finally switched off the lights and fell asleep almost instantaneously. So much for not dragging out the day that day.